Could the tiny drone fish detect dam problems?

A while back this blog mentioned the use of aerial drones for inspecting dams in remote areas to determine whether they are developing problems that could lead to failure.

Now a publication called Federal Computer Week ( has picked up on a research paper about a new drone that “swims with the fishes” in a good way. Continue reading

Climate Change May Weaken Concrete Dams

Here’s still another reason why Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) for High-Hazard Potential (HHP) dams are important: Warmer average temperatures can shorten the life of concrete. While earthen dams are by far the dominant structural type, many of them also have concrete spillways and other features. The National Inventory of Dams reports there are 1,979 concrete dams around the nation, 543 masonry dams, and many others with concrete components. Continue reading